An absolute returns stocks strategy

Fee Structure of Direct Plans:

Fees Hurdle Performance fees*
fixed - 1.35% p.a. no variable fees - -
0.65% p.a. + variable fees 14% 14% on returns above hurdle

Nifty 100, Midcap 150, small cap 50 stocks

  • Screened on revenue growth and RoCE and consistency of the same over 1,4, 8 yrs time frames to pick chose established and consistently performing businesses
  • A diversified portfolio of 25-30 stocks
  • Non Model Portfolio approach based on PriceBridge proprietary risk reward quantitative models coupled with time cycles to give our clients a consistent experience
  • 'TimeMap'TM leads us into insight of risk and rebalancing weights across time frames plays a crucial role in generating alpha over the buy and hold approach keeping the risk low