About Us

PriceBridge (A PMS brand of Ayan Analytics Pvt Ltd) is a new age Portfolio Managers Service (PMS) principled and pioneered on risk adjusted returns with its time cycle based proprietary models.

PriceBridge firmly believes in buy and hold and doesn't advocate timing markets; we do believe in timing our actions.

'TimeMap' leads us into insight of risk and Rebalancing weights across different time frames plays a crucial role in generating Alpha over the buy and hold approach.

Ayan Analytics is an Indian behavioral finance company. Curiosity to peep into future, triggered the study of upcoming Astronomical progressions, phenomenon’s and observing the impact on the market movements and also the human response.

Idea originated in 2001, after 14 years of hard work has turned into a corporate entity in 2016 with our proprietary research software and mobile app as offerings to B2B (Hedge funds, Mutual fund managers and stock brokers). And now we present our PMS Service.